A Symphony Of Horror


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Debut 6 track EP from Horror Metal outfit Hail The Horror.


released January 5, 2015

Hail The Horror:
Lilo - Vocals/Lyrics
Nibs - Guitar/Vocals
Aston - Guitar
Stitch - Drums

All songs written by Simon Rouse, Emilio Robertson and Aston Brooks

Lyrics by Emilio Robertson

Produced, mixed and mastered by Harri Lowe of Return To Rome and Last Stand Studios



all rights reserved



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Track Name: The Huntress
(d-jent d-d-d-d-jent d-jent d-d-jent d-d-d-d-jent)
Track Name: All The Children Sing
The fog is blinding, tonight I’m finding
All the pieces that people hide beneath their skin
It’s a cold dark night in this hell bound town
Better go inside my love, there are psychopaths around

Hail the horror, the sin is in
London is doomed, I’ll take what I can
The night is mine, this city is ours
We’re undying but fighting
The light against our skin

We’re a cloud of black, accented by bats
Hollowed out shells, skin as perfect as wax
We’re centuries old, but our taste so young
Refined and sublime, immortal breath in our lungs

And oh you’re such pretty little piece
Breathe me in, breathe me out
Cover your mouth, no release
And oh, your sweeter than a hundred of them
Your fluids spilled - this is all to real
The deepest shade of crimson

I’ll swallow you whole, every pint of your scent
You’re just another one, a deep stink of human
Your body so flawed, you are prey for the damned
Where are you running my love?
This is vampire town

Hail the horror, the sin is in
London is doomed, I’ll take what I can
The night is mine, this city is ours
We’re undying but fighting
The light against our skin

We’ll never stop, until we’ve had our fill
Our lust insatiable, our thirst instilled
Hail the horror
Track Name: Jasmine
Oh, all the ghouls are out tonight
I've never seen the dead looking so fresh and alive
You might say it's a curse, looking this young and fine
But if poison feels like this - I think it's alright
These are the best nights of our lives
A taste of blood makes it sweeter
I'm having a great fucking time and I'm not even alive
A taste of blood makes it so much sweeter

A few centuries and the same old kicks
Red like wine running pure and thick

We're all haunted, but we'll never stop now
We're all haunted but we'll never slow down
I am haunted, but I won't slow down
I am haunted, but I'll never stop now

I am a vampire, a child of the night
When you look this good who the fuck needs light?
Pretty, pale and bereft of deathly bloom
I'm a long retired man but you can call me Nosferatu

A few centuries and the same old kicks
Red like wine running pure and thick
The thought of water makes me fucking sick
If it ain't red and flowing I don't give a shit.
Track Name: The Betrayer
Blood is charred to black with extinguished souls
No light nor solace in these darkened halls
The Betrayer rules above us with his cursed skull
He strides the battlements, no solace in his fall


Damned by his own hands, we will break these walls
The Betrayer shall be betrayed
Twin blades stained by the power that runs through his veins
Annihilation of the sweetest kind
Hooves of steel and alabaster horns, The Huntress is nothing without the hunt
Kept atop the spires far from reach - Maeiv, Maeiv, what have you unleashed?

But still he hungers!
Is there no end?

Break me down, scarred with grief
You are not your own, foe of she
Elune be forsaken, Sargeras shall cleanse
Into your weary hands - God amongst men
'Twin blades stained by the power that runs through his veins'
Leader of the Naga and the saviour of the dead
Is it not the greatest tragedy all things come to an end?
Your victories prolific - God amongst men

10,000 years and he grows weary for his time
Eyes burned through with lust for his sleep
What do you see, 'God amongst men?'
Your scars once purified by the waters of eternity

Destroy this earth, burn everything down
It is your birthright to wear the crown
Of pure power - they have denied you your right
Take it from them, it is yours tonight.
Green flame and beasts of old
A stampede of hate for those who sold
You to your captors
Every second is revenge

Malfurion is a traitor, Tyrande is a whore
She reaps from you what she swore
Does the snow cleanse Frostmourne's wounds?
Arthas has left you all too soon.
Do you feel it burn as you walk on hallowed ground?
Embers flow as you take your bow
Behind a veil of cloth you can see it now
Betrayer, prodigy, you don't make a sound.
Track Name: The Fallen King
He crucifies in ice, frozen spires framing the sky
A deathly night, shaded in grey.

"Leave it be Arthas, forget this business and lead your men home"

Lordaeron will crumble to dust
The broken crown will remain lost

Please come home, you've lost your way
With every step you take your conscience strays
You've lost your touch, you've lost your way
Please come home, please come home.

Lay thee to rest- "There must always be a Lich King"
Track Name: Too Pure To Be Pink (Glass)
So spent
As the cobwebs glisten
Self assured and bitter
"Would you like a glass?"
You've had enough
But I won't pass
"Would you like another?"
Those drunken lips gave me shivers.

Open me up
Kiss me slowly
But do it hard
Tell me how I feel
So you can wake up
Not knowing where to start
I never know where to start.

Bite my tongue
Roll me over
Sweat me out
Of every pore
Into your sheets
Forget me please
'Forget me not'
Is such a dirty phrase

I watch you
Tremble and shatter
Like glass
Oh so fragile
With razor shards
Like glass
Like glass